How To Choose The Right Size Roast

Being in charge of cooking the meal for the family holiday, a get-together with friends, or to impress first-time guests has it's ups and downs. 

However, imagine you cook the perfect pot roast, leg of lamb, roasted chicken, or prime rib and when it comes time to serve, there isn't enough to go around!

Or on the other end, your roast is way too large for your guests, takes forever to cook, and you have so much remaining that it ends up in the garbage after you eat leftovers for breakfast  lunch, and dinner for the next 3 days.

Well there is a very simple way to calculate how much meat you should grab for your guests. It assumes of course that the meat is not the only item being served.

If the roast has the bone in, you can calculate 3/4 lb to 1lb per person (depending on their appetite!) You can add 1/2lb per child.

If the roast is boneless, calculate 1/2lb per person (8oz) and closer to 4-6oz per child.

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