About Us

Hi! We’re the Jardines – Cara and Peter and little Samuel. We value nutrition and healthy living for ourselves and our family. That’s why we are proud to work with local farmers and butchers to find the highest quality, natural meat products to bring them to you at the Western Fair Farmers’ Market every single Saturday and Sunday.

We aim to continue to source and sell only the highest quality, local meats for you and your families and make these products more accessible to you.

It’s a joy to serve you, our neighbours, and we appreciate your loyalty in supporting our local business and the families of our farmers and butchers.

Their names, by the way, are:

  • The Metzgers (Hensall) – Pork Farmers, Butchers
  • The Pettits (Wilkesport) – Lamb
  • The Mills (St. Marys) – Bison
  • The Lamonts (Mt. Brydges) – Grass-fed Organic Beef
  • The Bos’ (Mt Brydges) – Butchers
  • The Babcocks (Dresden) – Butchers
  • The Willemse’ (Parkhill) – Free-Range Chicken

Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope to see you soon. Please feel free to drop us a line at villagemeatshop@gmail.com

Peter and Cara and Samuel

Jardine family Photo